Are you being asked to do something contrary to international law?

Are you concerned your work is inconsistent with your code of conduct?

Do you know what to do if you are asked to do something potentially illegal?

Rwanda deportations

  • The Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Act received royal assent. But does a politician saying that Rwanda is a safe place change the facts?
  • If you assist in sending someone to an unsafe country are you breaching international law, contrary to the civil service code?

Genocide in Gaza

  • The International Court of Justice has said that it is “plausible” that genocide is happening in Gaza.
  • If Genocide is proved anyone who assisted in that genocide will have broken UK and international law.
  • Are you being asked to prosecute people trying to stop arms exports to Israel?

Climate Breakdown

  • The Government’s UK Net Zero plans have been ruled to be unlawful, for the second time.
  • According to the UN Special Rapporteur for Environmental Defenders, UK protest laws may leave the UK in breach of Article 3(8) of the Aarhus convention, to which Britain is a signatory.
  • Are you being asked to prosecute environmental defenders?
  • Are the legal powers you’re being asked to use compatible with the Government’s legal obligations?

Jury equity & freedom of expression

  • On 22nd April Justice Saini threw out the Solicitor General’s case against Trudi Warner, calling it “fanciful”, “an interference with Ms Warner’s Article 10(1) ECHR rights to freedom of speech”. Trudi had held a legal sign mentioning jury equity.
  • So why is the CPS still considering bringing the same case against 24 others? Is this a criminal case or a political case?

What can you do?

  • Join a Union. The PCSU (Public and Commercial Services Union) or FDA (First Division Association) can provide support and legal advice for members.
  • Ask for any instructions you are not comfortable with to be given, explicitly, in writing, (or by email).
  • Tell your boss you have legal concerns about the instruction and ask them to provide written (or email) evidence or assurances that the instructions have been legally checked.
  • If you are pressed to do something you are not comfortable with, send an email stating that you are acting under duress and copy in HR.
  • Email us at to talk freely and confidentially