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Prosecute us too

A collage of photos of people (and dogs!) around the country posting letters

300 people write to new Solicitor General: Since you’re prosecuting Trudi Warner, you should prosecute us too. As well as being handed in at the Ministry of Justice in London, copies of the letter were posted around the country, including in Carmarthen, Cromer, Derby, Falmouth, Gloucestershire, Leamington Spa, Nottingham, Oxford, Penzance, Sheffield & Shrewsbury.

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Map showing the locations of the 50 Crown Courts that had signholders outside on December 4, 2023

National Day of Action – Dec 23

On 4th December 2023 an estimated 500 people gathered at more than 50 Crown Courts across England and Wales to uphold the law.

See local press coverage below, along with some quotes from those who took part; from Newcastle to Truro & Caernarfon to Cardiff.

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I’m doing this because it’s so important that the legal system does not stop people from telling the whole truth in court, and does not stop jurors from making the decision they think is right when they have all the information. Our society often seems to allow those in power to lie with impunity, but the truth – the whole truth – ought to matter. At times like these, it is more important than ever that rights which have been enshrined in law for hundreds of years are not abandoned.

Emma Cooper, 32, from Lichfield

I think it is ridiculous for someone to be arrested and threatened with jail for holding a sign which reads the same as a plaque on the Old Bailey. I am concerned about the erosion of democracy in the UK which includes juries and the right to protest.

Sarah Michel, 44, an Interpreter from Machynlleth, Powys

My Quaker faith impels me to speak truth to power. Truth is one of six core Quaker testimonies along with equality, simplicity, peace, community and sustainability. People who serve society as jurors deserve respect and to be truthfully informed of their rights and responsibilities.

Kirsten Lavers, 62, a Quaker meeting house warden and artist

As a lawyer, I feel passionately that the role juries play in our legal system is a fundamental constitutional protection that cannot be undermined to serve political agendas. Those charged with serious crimes are entitled to have their guilt decided by a jury and not by professional judges. This right has been enshrined in British law for centuries and is an insurance that criminal law confirms to the ordinary person’s idea of what is fair and just.

Marie-Louise, 40, a solicitor from Whitley Bay

My grandfather was a high court judge and I know he would have supported my actions today. He instilled in me a sense of morality and a deep respect for our world famous British legal system. We cannot allow the centuries’ old rights of jurors to be undermined by political pressure.

Kate Griffith, 67, a retired accountancy clerk from Much Wenlock

National Day of Action – Sept 23

On 25th September 2023 over 250 people gathered outside Crown Courts across England and Wales to uphold the law.

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