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Clive Dolphin from Defend our Juries and professor Richard Vogler on ‘Law in Action’ with Joshua Rozenberg.
Dr Juliette Brown and Natasha Devon discuss the Defend our Juries campaign on LBC


On Thursday 9 November, the eminent legal scholar, Professor John Spencer CBE, wrote an opinion piece for the Times, offering more invaluable support for the Defend Our Juries campaign: “Defying a judge is not always contempt of court – Jury equity could be seen as an important constitutional safeguard”

He argues that on a proper interpretation of the law, courts should giv[e] protesters some chance to explain the reasons for their actions” and not punish “those who try to make the jury aware of [the principle of jury equity]”.

He concludes by quoting E.P. Thompson in a stinging rebuke to those undermining trial by jury: “There are worse offences to the body politic than contempt of court; and these are contempt for our constitutional history and contempt for the people of this country.”

Defying a judge is not always contempt of court (The Times, 9 November 23) [This article is behind a paywall]

Judge threatens Dr Gail Bradbrook with trial without jury

On 1 November 2023, Dr Gail Bradbrook, a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, was found guilty of criminal damage after the Judge at Isleworth Crown Court:

  • Banned her from explaining why she did what she did
  • Threatened to move to trial without a jury
  • Directed the jury that she had no defence
  • Prohibited her from telling the jury they have an absolute right to acquit
XR founder convicted after four-year legal saga (BBC, 2 November 23) Extinction Rebellion co-founder guilty of damaging government building (The Sunday Times, 1 November 23) XR co-founder found guilty of criminal damage says she was ‘silenced’ (Sky, 1 November 23) Extinction Rebellion co-founder guilty of breaking window at HS2 protest (Guardian, 1 November 23) Court ruling (see para. 8.17) (14 July 23) Court ruling (see paras. 12.7 ff) (10 October 23) Dr Bradbrook summarises effect of rulings (Byline Times, 1 November 23)

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